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Many great ways to help the dogs and cats of Aruba!


About Us

Several of those who volunteer for ARF-Aruba started out as tourists visiting the Island. As much as we all love Aruba, whether as residents or visitors, we have all been greatly disturbed by the number of homeless, hungry, and sick dogs and cats that we see on the Island.

Homeless animals are found both on the streets and in the rough terrain that makes up much of the middle of the Island. Over the years, we have rescued many dogs and a number of cats – bringing them to the veterinarian, feeding them, bathing them, and finding these animals foster and forever homes.

In addition to holding fundraising events in the United States and on Aruba, we have been very fortunate to receive donations from a number of concerned tourists.

We receive donations of funds and items that we need for the animals from visitors to Aruba who are also concerned about the homeless animals as well as others who care about the plight of the animals of Aruba. We use the donated funds exclusively to pay for programs that will help the animals of Aruba. We operate totally on a volunteer basis and donations are not used for anything other than to improve the lives of the animals of Aruba.


“...We heard about ARF-Aruba through a friend after being frustrated with other avenues of adoption. ARF-Aruba paired us with a puppy and immediately began fostering our relationship through pictures and updates, until the day that we were able to take her home.

Rosie is a smart lovable dog who has been easy to train, is great with our kids and has adapted well to our busy lifestyle. She loves playing with the kids, going for a run, or just hanging out. We're so happy and completely in love!....”

Shannon B., New London, CT

“...This past winter we had the good fortune of discovering this GREAT organization (ARF-Aruba), from which we observed a photo of a puppy available for adoption. We instantly fell in love with him and were eager to adopt. Karen and I have travelled to Aruba and are quite familiar with the large amount of stray dogs on that island. Our love for beautiful Aruba and dogs (we already had one) made this an easy decision for us. Our local ARF contact, Gina, made our process quite simple and quick. The name they had given him, “Otis”, matched him perfectly and we kept it.

When we picked up Otis at the airport in Boston, he was very small as he was only about 8 or 9 weeks old and less than 10 pounds. He was absolutely adorable. Today, at just over 8 months old, he is still as cute and lovable as ever and of course much larger. Otis was found wandering the streets of Aruba as a very young puppy with his brother. Sadly his brother did not survive. It is absolutely heartbreaking to know that story but thanks to ARF-Aruba, Otis is spoiled with love has a forever home with us. Our older dog Leila instantly switched to “mother mode” and has been a welcoming surrogate mother to Otis since his arrival to our home. When Otis first sees Leila in the morning he runs over and licks her face. It is the cutest thing to watch.

With my wife expecting our first children (twins) this year, we are blessed to have such wonderful pets that will enrich our family for years to come. And adopting Otis via ARF-Aruba has helped further enrich our Family. Thank you ARF-Aruba!, for your dedication to protecting dogs and providing them with loving homes....”

Keith & Karen Nicholas - Proud parents of “Otis”

Board Members

Cathy LaFace

We met Cathy on the beach one day a few years ago in Aruba. She was concerned about a female dog that was pregnant and hungry wandering the beach. She called us for help. When we arrived, Cathy was feeding and petting the dog with tears in her eyes. She asked for our help and we took the dog to the veterinarian where she received care and delivered her pups a few weeks later. Cathy came back to the Island specifically to adopt this same dog, now called Oxi. She and her family have since adopted three homeless dogs from the Island. Cathy has been instrumental in raising funds and returning to Aruba to help us find homes for these special animals. She continues in her dedication to help the animals of Aruba.

Kathy Andreottola

Kathy has been visiting the Island of Aruba for over twenty years. She built a house there several years ago, has retired and lives on the Island full time. Kathy is one of our volunteers “on-site” in Aruba. Kathy has been involved in rescue, foster care, and feeding of stray dogs. She also is tireless in her efforts to bring the animals to the Aruba veterinarians for treatment, locate forever homes and the transport dogs and puppies to the United States to their new families. Kathy, as well as Stella, Ann and Miguel, can often be found at the airport in Aruba seeing off dogs, puppies, cats and kittens on their way to new homes in the United States.

Renée Brock

Renée Brock has been visiting the island of Aruba for about five years. On her first visit she found the stray and homeless animal situation in Aruba to be so upsetting that she has knew that she had to take on the challenge of helping to do whatever possible to help improve the conditions. On her second trip to Aruba Renee took home a kitten, Bee that she adopted from the Aruba Kitten Rescue. Bee has made a wonderful addition to the Brock menagerie of dogs and other cats. As an attorney, Renee has been able to help ARF-Aruba in its legal and administrative tasks, including incorporation and obtaining the IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit designation so that all donations made by US persons are tax deductible. She also enjoys doing whatever she can to assist Kathy during her semi-annual visits to Aruba – including playing with the puppies that are staying with Kathy until they are transported to their new homes in the U.S.

Ann Angela

Aruba born Ann Angela has been living on the island since 1994. Ann and her Venezuelan husband Miguel, who are neighbors of Kathy’s, are dog and cat lovers and have a brood of four dogs, two of them rescues, as well as two cats. They started fostering for ARF in 2011 and have fostered over twenty pups by now. Dogs come and go through their once quiet home. Saying goodbye to the pups remains difficult for Ann and Miguel, but doesn’t measure up to the joy and satisfaction of knowing that they went to great homes and are living wonderful doggie lives.