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Many great ways to help the dogs and cats of Aruba!



Ways to help

Even if you are not able to adopt a dog or cat, in addition to making a donation, there are several volunteer opportunities that can help pave the way to improve the lives of the needy dogs and cats on the Island. Two common volunteer opportunities are fostering animals back in the United States and helping with transportation of animals to their foster or forever homes. If you are interested in these volunteer opportunities please read the information below. Also, as a registered 501(c)(3) organization we are eligible for matching gifts from companies that match employee donations.


Getting a dog or cat from Aruba to United States

Currently there are only two airlines willing to transport adult dogs, American Airlines and Delta Airlines. These airlines both have weather temperature restrictions for the safety of the animal that need to be taken into consideration when planning to take home an adult dog. Puppies, kittens and cats, on the other hand, can usually travel in the passenger compartment as long as the combined weight of the animal and carrier are under 20 pounds. The carrier must be a standard pet carrier approved by the airlines. ARF Aruba can assist in obtaining appropriate carriers to transport your adopted pet. The flight fees for animals vary depending on the airline and whether the animal is going in the passenger compartment or luggage area.
We will be happy to provide information, transportation assistance or help you find a special dog, puppy, kitten or cat to take home with you.

Foster Care

Provide a home until a puppy or dog is adopted

ARF-Aruba has a number of dedicated foster parents but of course we always need more. Foster families are such a huge part of our success. We will arrange transportation to a location that is as convenient as possible for the foster family and also provide any needed support. The Aruba puppies are the same as US puppies and therefore need help with housebreaking, walking on a leash and basic commands. ARF-Aruba will arrange transportation to an airport near your home as well as provide funds for any needed veterinary care and will support the foster family in any way possible until a permanent home is found.
If you hold a special place in your heart to save these animals as we do and would like to foster an animal, please contact us.