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about the arubian cunucu

About the Arubian Cunucu

ARF-Aruba provides care and helps to find homes for dogs and cats in Aruba. The breed of dog in Aruba is the Arubian Cunucu, also known as a Cunucu Dog.

A Cunucu dog originates from Aruba and while not officially recognized as a breed by any association or kennel club, they are well-known to the locals.

They are athletic and energetic sight hounds that are said to have hunted alongside the Arawak people who were indigenous to the area. Those who have chosen to share their home with a Cunucu find them to be tolerant, easy to train, and loyal. This is typically true of those that are brought into the home as puppies and of adult dogs brought in off of the streets.

Arubian Cunucu Breed Appearance

Cunucu dogs tend to be thin dogs with delicate heads and long muzzles. Their medium length triangular ears are typically folded down and to the sides. Their eyes are almond shaped and can come in any color.
These dogs also have long legs and muscular bodies which gives them an amazing jumping ability as well as superior maneuverability for hunting lizards among the rocks. They have very short, straight coats suitable for the hot climate of the area which come in many different colors and shades.

Arubian Cunucu Personality and Temperament

The Arubian Cunucu Dog breed is known to have a very friendly disposition toward adults and children. They show affection and make sweet family pets and companion dogs.
Arubian Cunucu dogs are also highly energetic and intelligent. Those who have rescued a Cunucu indicate that they are very easy to train, both as puppies and as adult dogs. They are extremely adaptable and can live quite peaceably even in a smaller home as long as they receive enough exercise and attention throughout the day.
adoptable arubian cunucu puppies

Health and Activity Needs of the Cunucu Dog

These dogs require both physical activity and mental stimulation on a daily basis to prevent boredom that can lead to distressing and destructive behaviors. They enjoy a number of different dog activities, such as running, agility training, lure coursing, and fetch.

It’s recommend that they receive 60 minutes of activity per day. This could include play time or going on walks to satisfy their activity requirement.

The Arubian Cunucu dog breed has no major health concerns. Yet, dogs who have ears that fold over or hang are more likely than other dogs to get dirt or moisture trapped in their ears, and are therefore more susceptible to ear infections. Checking your dog’s ears regularly and ensuring that they are clean and dry can help to prevent any infections. Like all pets, these dogs require a regular full physical examination by a veterinarian.


Overall, the Arubian Cunucu is a smart, lovable breed that makes for a great companion and family pet. If you have any questions about the breed or adoptable pets, please contact us at Or check out the adoption page!
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