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ARF-Aruba Adoptable Pets

Steps to Adopt a Pet

1: Complete the adoption application below.

2: A member of ARF-Aruba will contact you to let you know that the following will take place:

  • vet reference will be called
  • personal reference will be emailed
  • a virtual home visit will be requested

3: After we check your references, we will call you to request a virtual home visit. We will provide you with guidelines of what we want to see. You can then take a video using your phone and upload it in a text message or email it to us.

4: After we gather and review all information, a decision is made, and an ARF-Aruba volunteer will respond with an answer.

5: The adoption counselors are here to answer any questions you may have about our pets and about adoption!

Wellness Visit

Before we transport kitties or puppies to the states for either adoption or foster care, we take them to a vet in Aruba for a check-up in order to receive a health certificate. They can fly when they’ve had at least 1 vaccination and are micro-chipped. The vet also de-worms them before leaving the island.  The health certificate is required by both the airlines and U.S. customs.

Our Adoptable Animals

If you are interested in adopting one of these sweet pups or cats please complete the adoption application below. If you would like more information you can private message us on our Facebook page, or send an email to

You can also visit our Facebook page to see updates about the cats and dogs from Aruba that are available for adoption.

All puppies have their age-appropriate vaccinations, are dewormed, and micro-chipped. Adopters are responsible for spay/neutering when their puppy is old enough for this procedure.


Still on the Island (Aruba): 


9 Months Old – Lisha, Levi, Lena, Leif, Lars, Lara


Available for Adoption in the U.S.: 







In the U.S.:


In Aruba



Ready to Adopt?

Please note, the application does not reserve or hold a specific animal. After you submit your application an adoption counselor will contact you.

We take the lives of these precious animals very personally so all fields are required.

Online Application

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