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You’ve spotted a homeless dog or cat and want to help!

Thank you so much for caring enough to look into your options for ways to help. When you see a street animal you’d like to help, start by getting a few pictures of the animal.  Some of the animals who appear homeless are actually known to be owned, and possibly wearing a collar, but are let to roam the streets by their owners.

In addition to ARF-Aruba, please check Lost and Found Pets Aruba to confirm that someone does not own the animal.

You’ve seen a homeless animal and would like to help provide medical attention.

  1. Contact an Aruba veterinarian (contact details below) to make an appointment and ask if they have space available to board an animal for the medical treatment process.
  2. If there is space available at the vet, now catch the animal and bring it in. If you cannot catch the animal yourself, Crijojo Trappers can possibly assist for a fee.
  3. The cost of medical care will depend on the animal’s needs and how long they are kept at the vet office. At a minimum, sterilizations are completed to help the effort to limit the homeless animal population.  Other possible medical needs could include blood tests, heartworm treatment, and flea/tick/mange treatment.
  4. If you need help with any logistics, the volunteer organizations on Aruba listed above might be able to help.

Interested in adopting the animal?  Great!

The process is the same as above, but after the initial medical treatment, the animal will need to be boarded or fostered until they are ready for travel. A health certificate and transporter are also needed to get the animal to where you live.  Sometimes this can all happen during your stay in Aruba, but if it can’t here are a few things to know.

  1. Transport is possible to the United States, Canada (the owner must transport the pet), Holland, and Sweden.
  2. Puppies, kittens, and cats can usually travel in the passenger compartment of your airline as long as the combined weight of the animal and carrier is less than 20 pounds. The carrier must be a standard pet carrier approved by the airlines. Approved carrier details can be found on each airline’s website.
  3. The flight fees for animals vary depending on the airline.  Many airlines allow pets in the cabin as carry-on.  SOUTHWEST AND SPIRIT WILL NOT FLY ANY ANIMALS OUT OF ARUBA.

Please note that temperature restrictions during the summer months can affect transport.  

These restrictions are determined by the airline on the day of travel.

Aruban Veterinarian Contact Information

Veterinaire Kliniek,Wayaca 128 Tel: 582-1720

Veterinaire Kliniek, Noord 50-B  Tel: 587-0911

Contreras Veterinary Services, Shaba 2  Tel: 587-0917

Contreras Veterinary Services, Savaneta 112 Lokaal 2  Tel: 584-0918

Animal Care Clinic, Paradera 177- A Tel: 582-8382

Animal Health Veterinary Hospital, Caya J.E.M. Arends 20   Tel: 586-3592

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