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Success Stories

Our most inspiring stories come from you, our adopters. Do you have a story you would like to share about your pet adopted from ARF-Aruba? We would love to share your story on our website! Please email info and pics to We look forward to sharing your paw-some stories with our supporters and hope to inspire others to adopt a rescue animal!

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Ru (formerly known as Skittles)

Skittles is now baby Ru! Adopted by Katy, she says that Ru is perfect, and she loves him so much. As Skittles, this sweet kitty was fostered in Aruba by Starr, along with his siblings, Dot, Honey, Sugar, and Snickers. While still on the island, the kittens moved to Jhon’s boarding home. Next, this sweet and cuddly kitten moved in with foster Laurie in the U.S. We thank these marvelous fosters for taking good care of our ARF-Aruba kitties. Lynn and Sal so graciously escorted Skittles to the states. They are dedicated ARF-Aruba volunteers who never leave the island empty-handed, and we are truly grateful. Katy met Skittles now Ru in foster Laurie’s home. Of course, she fell in love. Ru now has 2 fur siblings, Doomy, a 2 year old cat, and Kiel, an 18 year old pony, who Katy made clear does not live in the house! So far, Skittles gets along with both. Katy said that Ru will enjoy lots of play time, and lots of cuddling. We are so happy that baby Ru has a fabulous forever home.
Happy life, Ru!
Vera Puppy Adopted In ArubaVera With Forever Family Adopt A Puppy

Sadie (formerly known as Vera)

When foster Tarra received puppy Vera in Pittsburgh, she said she was a peanut! Vera was fostered in Aruba by Bert and Gale, and then by Tarra and Jeff in the U.S. We thank these wonderful fosters for the love and care they shower on our Aruba pups. Wendy offered Vera a lift to the States, and we thank her for volunteering. Cathy assisted with the airport pick-up and ensured that Vera made it to foster Tara’s home, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to her for her help, as well. Vera is now Sadie and lives with Lindsay and her family. Lindsay said that her daughter chose the name Sadie. This sweet pup has joined 2 human siblings ages 15 years old and a year old. She also has a canine sibling, Archie, and 4 cats called Rascal, Shiva, Remy, and Harlow. Sadie enjoys her walks and will be joining the family for outings and visits to dog-friendly restaurants. She will have swimming to look forward to in the summertime. Lindsay added that Sadie will be an important part of the family and will go everywhere the family goes. We are so thrilled that Vera now Sadie has found such a loving family.
Happy life, Sadie!
WandaWanda Cat With Necklace


Wanda was finally adopted!
ARF-Aruba volunteer Kathy found Wanda wandering around behind the VKA vet in Wayaca with her 2 kittens. The kittens were soon adopted, but Wanda was forgotten. She remained boarded with the vet, and the staff at VKA said that they loved her. They added that she was a very active and affectionate cat. She really didn’t like being in her boarding cage, so they let her free range around the clinic! Wanda was boarded a long time before she was finally adopted locally. We can’t be more pleased that Wanda has found a good home on the island, and will be forever loved. Wanda is a lucky girl.
Happy life, Wanda!
aruba pup devi

Devi (formerly known as Ivana)

Aruba pup Devi, formerly known as Ivana, loves living in Maine with forever dad, Chanda. She is almost 11 months old, and knows how to have a good time. Chanda shared that a few of the neighbors expressed polite skepticism about how well a dog from Aruba would fare when winter arrived in western Maine. Here she is out early breaking trail while everyone else on the mountain is still cozied up to their woodstoves. Chanda added that nobody can say Devi’s not a real Maine mountain girl now!

Happy life, Devi!

Puppy June UpdatePuppy With Adoptive Family

Zephyrs (formerly known as Egor)

Puppy Egor was fostered in Aruba by Jasmin, and then by Patty in the U.S. Our big boy was such a love, and both fosters enjoyed this baby. We thank them for the good work they did getting him ready for a forever home. Transporter Kelly stepped up to the plate to get our sweet puppy off the island. We are grateful to her for her willingness to volunteer. Randy and Laura met Egor in foster Patty’s home. They fell in love, of course, and today he is Zephyrs, or Zee for short! According to Randy and Laura, Zephyrs is the wind god, a gentle east wind that brings spring growth and makes everything green. Sadly, they recently lost their fur boy of 14 years, Jack. He always accompanied them on all their family activities. Now it will be Zee’s turn to enjoy boating, hiking, paddle boarding, running, swimming, and cross country skiing. We are thrilled that Egor now Zee is going to live his best life with Randy and Laura.
Happy life, Zephyrs!
Arubian Puppy With New MomPuppies Adopted From Aruba June Update

Huey (formerly known as Jerry)

Another little love story!
Sweet Jerry is now Huey, living with Katie, whose sons named him that for a reason! Jerry was a big puppy when he arrived at Katie’s to be fostered in the states. Aruba foster Miguel had both Jerry and his brother, Tom, living in his home until the big boys were ready to leave the island. We are grateful for the love that Miguel showered on these two boys, who were the perfect pups for him. Travelers Jerry and Adrienne escorted both boys off the island and to the U.S. We thank them for their willingness to volunteer, and to give these boys a little love in transit. Jerry arrived in Katie’s home as a foster puppy, but one of her sons was obsessed with him, and began training him. Katie said that it was heartwarming to see. It became obvious that Jerry wasn’t going anywhere, and turned from foster puppy to forever puppy. That’s when Katie’s boys changed his name to Huey. She admitted it wasn’t her choice, but she went with it. Katie said that he is such a love. Huey is so sweet and good natured. He loves to play with his toys although he loves to chew them apart. She added that they love him so much because he’s such a sweet boy, and he fits right in. We are thrilled that Jerry now Huey found the home that was meant for him since we say that puppies pick their people.
Happy life, Huey!
Effey Grown UpEffey Aruba Puppy Adopted

Piper (formerly known as Effy)

Gotta’ love a good love story!
Effy is now Piper and is doing great, according to her new pet mom, Bonnie. As Piper, this beautiful girl now lives in New York. As Effy, this oversized puppy lived in Jasmin’s foster home. We extend our thanks to Jasmin for raising Effy and her siblings and getting them all ready for their forever homes. Bonnie actually volunteered to both transport and foster Effy. Yet, who knew what would come next? We always say that puppies pick their own people. That means that Effy now Piper picked Bonnie to be her forever mom. Bonnie says that Piper is a love bug, and she listens well. The family dog, Willow, loves her, and they play all day. Piper is treated like a princess in their home. Bonnie stated that her husband, the “no more dogs guy,” takes her for rides in the truck. Apparently Willow doesn’t like it as much, but Piper enjoys it. Bonnie caretakes her 85 year old dad, and Piper loves to jump up in his lap to lay. She’ll eat little nibbles of food from his hand. Under the circumstances in Bonnie’s home, Piper breathed some life back into it. Bonnie said she is up and ready to face the world each day with Piper now in their home. Piper gives Bonnie purpose again. Bonnie added that her husband and daughter tend to fight over who Piper sleeps with! We can’t really call this a foster fail, but a foster win. We think Bonnie and her family won, but Effy now Piper hit the lottery!
Happy life, Piper!
Miles Arf ArubaMiles Adopted From Arf Aruba

Miles (formerly known as Dude)

Handsome Miles is now a year and a half old and lives the best life ever with Darlene and her family. Formerly known as Dude, Miles moved in with Darelene, her husband, and her two children in February of 2021, and has been living it up ever since. Miles as the puppy Dude was from the D litter, and he was one of nine babies.
Happy life, Miles!
arubian cunucu puppup with adoptive family


Dante was chosen by Richard and Kendall to be their newest furry family member. He was one of the Christmas day babies, and was one of nine puppies in the litter. Dante passed through a few foster homes before arriving in his forever home. Maritza fostered Dante in Aruba, and then both Sarah and Laurie fostered him in the U.S. We appreciate the care and love these fosters gave Dante while he waited for a new family to come along. Donna and Ruth so graciously gave Dante a lift to the states. We thank them for their willingness to volunteer, as they always do when they are leaving the island. Richard and Kendall had recently lost the family cat, and knew it was time to add back a furry baby. Dante will enjoy visits to a local state park with walking trails near their home. They will also take him to one of several beaches locally that welcome pets. We are thrilled that Dante was chosen by Richard and Kendall, and we know he will be living the good life.
Happy life, Dante!
Adorbs Puppy With Dog FriendBlack And White Button Ear Puppy

Lola (formerly known as Buffy)

Alex and AnnMarie spotted Buffy on our Facebook page, looking so cute and spunky. They decided it was time to expand their family by one furry puppy. Buffy was fostered in Aruba by Jasmin along with her siblings. We appreciate the good work Jasmin does to get rescued puppies ready for adoption, and we thank her. Sal and Lynn so graciously gave Buffy a lift to the states. We also thank them for never leaving the island empty handed. Alex cried at the airport when Sal and Lynn put Buffy into her arms. Today, Buffy is now Lola and lives it up with Alex and AnnMarie’s family. Alex says that she definitely perked up from the shy little pup that she was when she first arrived. Now Lola chases after Alex leaping like a little deer, and follows her around everywhere. Alex added that she is so sweet, and is coming into her own as she definitely gets her goofy side out. The family enjoys seeing Lola come into her own personality. AnnMarie enjoys snuggling with Lola on the sofa. This playful pup also has a 20 year old feline sibling named Angel. We are grateful that Buffy now Lola has found such a fabulous family to love her.
Happy life, Lola!
Gem Puppy From ArubaVolunteer Transporter With Puppy

Blaze (formerly known as Gem)

Gem made it from his foster home with Bert and Gale in Aruba to his foster home in Florida with Shana. He was an adored puppy by these foster families, and we are grateful for the fabulous work they do with all our ARF-Aruba babies. Chris was the hero of the day who offered Gem a lift from Aruba to the U.S. We thank Chris for his willingness to serve as volunteer transporter. Maribridget met Gem now Blaze in Shana’s foster home. Shana said that Gem took to the family right away. Maribridget said that her children, ages 6, 8, and 15, chose the new name of Blaze. She added that Blaze is so sweet, and is adapting nicely. Blaze now has an 8 year old canine sibling, a long haired terrier named Scrappy, to enjoy the acre and a quarter that is Maribridget’s fenced yard. Blaze will enjoy taking walks, running around, and playing catch with his human siblings. We are pleased that the family is enjoying their new puppy, and we are grateful that Gem now Blaze was their choice.
Happy life, Blaze!
BalooBaloo With Parent

George (formerly known as Baloo)

We’ve had foster fails, but this time we have a transporter fail! Baloo was fostered in Aruba by our fabulous Jasmin, who gives our pups lots of time and attention, and we are so grateful. Transporters Renee and Deb gave Baloo a lift to the states last November, where he joined a partner program for further love and training. We extend our thanks to our partner program in Ohio for continuing Baloo’s care until his adoption. Transporter Renee fell in love with Baloo, and adopted him out of the program. We thank Deb and Renee for transporting this sweet boy to the states, but who knew Renee was going to fall in love with him?
Renee shared that Baloo’s name was changed to just Lou, but now it is officially George. Of course, she had no original plans to adopt him. A bit of time went by, and she couldn’t stop thinking about Baloo, so an application was submitted to the program, and it was approved. Renee and her family made the trip to the program and picked him up in mid December. George now lives the good life with his 11 year old golden retriever sister, Katie. He is beyond spoiled and loved, and is enjoying a beautiful life. We are so pleased that Renee and her family welcomed Baloo now George with open arms.
Happy life George!
Whispers Arf ArubaWhiskers Adopted Puppy Aruba

Tatum (formerly known as Whiskers)

Katie says Tatum, formerly known as Whiskers, is a great puppy! Katie and her son, Tommy, adopted this sweet baby last August. Tatum is now 8 months old, and Katie says they love him. When the weather is better in the northeast, Tatum enjoys the beach, long walks, and camping.
Happy life, Tatum!
Cookie With Transporter From ArubaAdopted Dog With New Family


William decided to keep Cookie’s name as Cookie, after meeting her in her foster home with Chris and Stefanie in the northeast. Cookie was fostered in Aruba by Viviana before moving in with fosters Chris and Stefanie in the states. Becca and Tom, who were transporting their own adopted pup, Coconut, to the U.S., let Cookie hitch a ride from Aruba. We are grateful for the good work our fosters have done with sweet Cookie. We also extend our gratitude to Becca and Tom for graciously inviting Cooking to fly along with them! Cookie is now William’s newest furry family member. She shares her new home with two kitty siblings, Snickers and Tash. William said Cookie enjoys playing with the kitties. Cookie will find puppy pleasure in some training, lots of walks, and playing in her half acre yard. William added that he is very happy with Cookie, and that she is a very smart puppy.
Happy life, Cookie!
HannahHannah In Sweater

Holly (formerly known as Hannah)

Matt and Heather just celebrated Holly’s Gotcha Day! Holly was formerly known as Hannah from the ‘H’ litter. Heather says it has been a fun, loving, and adventurous year with their girl. A year ago, Hannah had been fostered by Emmi in Aruba, along with her siblings, and then in the U.S. by Susan. Christen and her husband Greg gave Hannah a lift to the states.
Happy life, Holly!
cute puppy loislois puppy

Lola (formerly known as Lois)

Sweet girl Lois became Lola when she arrived at foster Susan’s home in the U.S., which is where new forever parents, Kelsey and Tim, fell in love with her. As Lois, this beautiful pup was fostered in Aruba by Mercedes before landing in the states. We thank Mercedes for the marvelous job she did, socializing Lois and giving her a chance to work out some of her puppy energy. Nancy happily escorted Lois to the U.S. We are grateful for her willingness to volunteer. Foster Susan said that the puppy was such a shy girl on her first night in the home. Lois even had her first Thanksgiving with her foster family, and was such a good girl all day. Susan added that Lois and her cat Frank became fast friends. When Kelsey and Tim met Lois now Lola, it was love at first sight. Lola loved giving kisses to Kelsey when they met. Susan knew it was the perfect fit because Lola loves giving kisses and wagging her tail. With Kelsey and Tim, Lola will enjoy walks, hiking, swimming, and visits to the park when weather is appropriate. We are pleased to know that Lola now has the perfect forever family.
Happy life, Lola!
Alex Kitten Adopted From ArubaAruba Transporters

Mac (formerly known as Alex)

Kitty Alex is now Mac, and is doing well in Carmen’s home in the U.S. As Alex, this sweet kitty was fostered in Aruba by Coby, and then by Laurie in the states. We extend our thanks to these fosters who did a fabulous job of caring for him. Marlene and Mark gave Alex a ride off the island along with his brother, Franky. We also thank them for their willingness to volunteer.
Carmen said that Mac, formerly known as Alex, is doing amazing. He’s super playful and loving. He hides a lot, but he’s always curious. He’often found snuggled under the bed with some boxes. Carmen added that she always wanted to provide a safe home for a pet, and thought it would be amazing to have one, so now she has Mac. This playful kitty also has one 10 year old human sibling to enjoy. We are pleased to know that Aruba kitty Alex now Mac has a loving and caring home.
Happy life, Mac!
dog adoption success storypuppy adoption success story

Moose (formerly known as Elvis)

Elvis was one of four puppies belonging to The LuvPug Foundation that ARF-Aruba assisted with and coordinated the adoption. Elvis was fostered in Aruba by Cielo, along with his siblings. He then moved into the foster home of Angela from The LuvPug Foundation in Massachusetts. We are grateful for the diligent work these fosters put into making Elvis a great puppy. Transporters Vicky and John gave Elvis a lift to the U.S. We thank these fabulous volunteers for escorting this charming little boy off the island, along with his sister, Priscilla. Jeremy met Elvis and knew he was the canine for his little family. Elvis, who is now known as Moose, has a 17-month-old human sibling. As he grows and develops, Moose will enjoy walks, hikes, lake visits, and trips to dog parks. We are thankful that Moose was such a good fit for Jeremy’s family.
Happy life, Moose!

Gloria (formerly known as Adora)

John and Amii have added Adora to their household in Massachusetts. She is now Gloria. They had recently lost the family cat of 15 years, and knew they needed another one to love. As Adora, this sweet kitty was fostered in Aruba by Benice, along with her siblings. She then moved in with foster Susan in Massachusetts, who said she was a very friendly kitten from the minute she arrived. We thank our fosters, Benice and Susan, for the time and attention they gave to this affectionate little girl. ARF-Aruba’s very own volunteer, Kathy, gave Adora a lift to the U.S. We thank Kathy for offering to give this little furball a ride to the states. Susan said that Adora settled right into her foster home, and of course, Frank the family cat, took right over giving her lots of love. It was at Susan’s home that John and Amii met Adora now Gloria. John and Amii love Gloria, and said she has made herself right at home.
Happy life, Gloria!
Virgil 3Virgil


Virgil was fostered in Aruba by Lisa, along with his siblings, before moving in with foster Patti in New Hampshire. Both fosters gave Virgil the care and love he needed to prepare for a family to call his own. We thank Lisa and Patti for doing such a great job. Sharyn and her family offered Virgil a ride to the states. We thank them for their willingness to transport our precious cargo. From Patti’s home, Virgil found his people! Upon meeting Virgil, Bonnie’s family fell in love with him, and wanted the pup. Virgil is officially the newest member of Bonnie’s family, and he now lives in New Hampshire. Virgil enjoys 10 acres of property for romping and playing. Bonnie’s parents live on the property in a separate home, giving Virgil an extended family. Virgil will enjoy lots of walks and car rides. Bonnie plans to include him in pretty much everything she does. We are pleased that Bonnie and her family offered Virgil a forever home.
Happy life, Virgil!
WinnieWinnie 2


If you want the best seat in the house, you’ll have to move the dog.
Winnie is still Winnie, and she’s a growing girl. As a puppy from the ‘W’ litter, she now lives in New Hampshire. Leigh-Ann and Patrick adopted Winnie in August, and she’s already getting so big. She’s not short of toys, by any means! Winnie also enjoys relaxing with her 8-year-old doggie sibling, Puck. Not only does Winnie have a canine sibling, but she also has two feline siblings: 13 year old Minxy, and 2 year old Willow who happens to be adopted from Nine Lives Aruba Foundation KvK# S1631. We love watching our adopted puppies grow.
Happy life, Winnie!
T For AdoptionArubian Dog On Kayak

Lola (formerly known as Tammy)

Tammy was one of the ‘T’ puppies fostered by Gale and Bert in Aruba. They loved these babies and enjoyed them while they were in their care. Tammy moved in with Lyn in the states, along with her brother Tommy, for continued foster care. We extend our thanks to these fabulous fosters for doing such a good job with our ARF-Aruba babies. Hope so graciously escorted Tammy to the U.S. We also thank her for volunteering to lend a hand getting Tammy closer to a forever home.
Tammy is now Lola and lives with Shankari and Paul in Massachusetts. Shankari says Ozzy, the family’s six year old Australian Shepherd, picked her out. Now Lola is Ozzy’s new fur sibling. Shankari brought Ozzy to meet both Tammy and Tommy, but Tommy barked at him! Ozzy ended up making the decision that Tammy now Lola was their choice. Lola enjoys walks, including beach walks, and gets lots of outdoor play time. Lola even has her own life jacket. We are so pleased that Shankari, Paul, and Ozzy made Lola their newest family member.
Happy life Lola!
August AdoptionAugust Adoption 2

Nala (formerly known as Raji)

Raji was fostered in Aruba by Jackye, along with her two sisters, Rahni and Raina. These three sweet girls came to Jackye needing lots of love and care. Rahni was adopted first straight off the island by an Aruba visitor. Next, Raji traveled to Pennsylvania to be fostered by Tarra. We extend our thanks to both of Raji’s fosters, Jackye and Tarra, for doing a fantastic job of taking care of this sweet girl. Kristen volunteered to escort Raji to the U.S. and into the arms of volunteer Ray who met her at the airport and took over Raji’s journey. He and his wife, Tara, kept Raji as an overnight guest before delivering her to foster Tarra. We offer our thanks to Kristen for her willingness to give our baby a lift to the states, and we thank Ray and Tara for lending a hand in Raji’s travels.
Raji is now Nala and lives in Pennsylvania. Her new forever mom, Amber, fell in love with Nala formerly known as Raji, and decided she would be their new furry family member. Nala has two human siblings ages 9 and 12. She will enjoy walks with the boys, and will have lots of outdoor playtime with them. We are grateful to Amber and her children for choosing Raji now Nala, and offering her the best home ever!
Happy life, Nala!
LeilaLeila In Ohio

Leia (formerly known as Leila)

Leila has moved in with Joe and Melissa’s family in Ohio. She is now Leia, and has several canine siblings, including Lola, another Aruban cunucu adopted from ARF-Aruba. Lola is almost 2 years old, and was formerly known as Valerie. Linda fostered this very sweet girl in Aruba from birth before leaving for the U.S. We extend our thanks to Linda for doing such a great job with Leila and her siblings. Regina, Gene, and their granddaughter offered to escort this cuddly pup to the U.S. We thank them as well, for giving her a lift. Joe and Melissa say that Leia, formerly known as Leila, is already loved by every dog and human sibling she has. They added that it only took a week for Leia and the rest of the dogs to became quite fond of each other. Leia will be enjoying the dog park, walks, and lots of play with the family. We are grateful to Joe and Melissa, and their family, for choosing Leila now Leia to be their newest family member.
Happy life, Leia!
DropeyDropey 2

Kovu (formerly known as Dropy)

Dropy was adopted by Jason and now lives the good life in Massachusetts. Today, he’s Kovu, named after a character from the Lion King. As Dropy, this sweet kitty was fostered in Aruba by Brenda, and then by Laurie in the U.S. Both fosters gave this tiny boy lots of love and attention, and we thank them for their care. Shayna escorted our baby boy to the states. We are grateful to Shayna for volunteering to share her flight with Dropy. Jason says that Kovu is settling in, and he loves his new furry friend. We thank Jason for choosing Kovu, formerly known as Dropy, to be a cherished new member of his family.
Happy life, Kovu!
Nicky Rescued From The BeachArf Aruba Success Stories Nicky


Here’s another love story. Nicky the beach dog’s life changed in February, 2021. Vicky fell in love with a dog on the beach that was soon to be Nicky. He was a stray puppy that was extremely neglected and scared. He was known everywhere on the beach, but nobody could get near him. Surprisingly, he did go to Vicky & her husband, and Jill. The match was made in heaven for Vicky and Nicky. First they took him into the hotel room where he had a good night’s sleep. It was probably the first time he’d ever had a chance to relax. Word has it that at one point, he slept for 10 hours straight on the beach after he had decompressed.
Vicky says he picked them, not the other way around. Of course, they wanted him. Much agony and tears went into ensuring this sweet boy would make it to the U.S. Vicky couldn’t bear the thought of this little guy returning the beach. She felt that since he picked them, it was important to do everything in her power to keep him safe and get him off the beach. She didn’t want him thinking she didn’t want him. Vicky contacted ARF-Aruba and asked for help. Volunteer Kathy worked with her to make sure Nicky could get off the island. The day before his flight, Nicky spent the day on the beach, and saw his “friends” for last time.
It was a stressful event for all involved as they jumped through hoops allowng Nicky to fly. He flew off the island in February. He now lives the good life in New Jersey with Vicky. Jill shared that it took them a week to gain his trust. She also shared that she gets doggie sitting privileges when Vicky needs it, and she thinks he’s the cutest pup ever. We are grateful to all involved in Nicky’s rescue, and appreciate their fortitude to never give up. We at ARF-Aruba are thrilled that we were able to help.
Happy life, Nicky!
MilesDog In Comfy Bed

Miles (formerly known as Dude)

Little Dude is now Miles and is having a blast with Darlene and her family in Massachusetts. Dude was one of the ‘D’ litter pups fostered by Juliette and her children in Aruba. We extend our thanks to to them for doing such a great job of fostering this precious little boy. Lisa and John transported this sweetheart to Boston. Lisa stated that she was beyond ecstatic giving him a lift to the U.S. She added that the love and happiness she saw when they passed Miles over to his new family was emotional. We are grateful to Lisa and John for their willingness to transport, and know that they will do it again because it was such a positive experience. Darlene says she was crying like a baby at the airport when she first met her baby. She added that her family is loving Miles to pieces, and their little sweetheart is absolutely amazing. He is adjusting to his new home, and has adjusted to a great routine, as well. He sleeps in his crate at night and has a good potty schedule. Miles loves it outside. He has brought so much joy into the lives of his new family. We are thankful to Darlene and her family for choosing Miles formerly known as Dude, to be their very own.
Happy life, Miles!
D Mac Dog From ArubaKids With Their Dog From Aruba

Hamilton (formerly known as D-Mac)

Sweet ‘D’ puppy D-Mac is now Hamilton and lives a charmed life with his new family in Massachusetts. As D-Mac, he was fostered by Juliette and her children in Aruba who loved him immensely. Juliette’s girls played with him, snuggled him, and gave him all the attention he could handle. We thank our foster family for their excellent work getting D-Mac ready to become Hamilton as he moved in with his new forever family. Transporters Laureen and Steve gave our little boy a ride to the U.S. to meet Susan and the rest of the family. We offer our thanks to Laureen and Steve for giving D-Mac a lift from Aruba to the states. Forever mom Susan says they are in love with Hamilton. They are fans of Hamilton the musical, and she added that Alexander Hamilton also came from an island in the Caribbean like their pup. Hamilton has been good about house training, and he’s getting used to his crate. He has 2 human siblings and 1 canine sibling named Russ that is also a rescue. Hamilton enjoys his walks with Russ, and the kids love having another dog in the house. Thank you, Susan and family, for choosing D-Mac now Hamilton to bring new light into your home.
Happy life, Hamilton!
Maisue From ArubaAruban Canucu Dog

Maisie (formerly known as Cara)

Pupdate! Chris and Anne are thoroughly enjoying their ARF-Aruba pup, Maisie, formerly known as Cara from the ‘C’ litter of five pups. As Cara, this sweetheart of a little girl was fostered in Aruba by Gale and Bert along with two of her sisters, Cali and Cleo. Maisie now lives in Massachusetts. Chris said that as he looks back at her earlier pictures, she has grown so much! Chris added that Maisie has settled in nicely. As the weather improves, Maisie will have a playdate with her brother, Cody, now Murphy. Both pups are really cute with so many similarities between the two. They are almost identical. We are pleased to know that Chris and Anne have made Maisie a valuable member of the family. Happy life, Maisie!
Denisa Puppy From ArubaAruba Puppy At New Home

Shiri (formerly known as Denisa)

It’s another ‘D’ puppy, Denisa now Shiri! Denisa was fostered in Aruba by Gale and Bert, along with two of her siblings, Daisy and Davey. There were actually nine ‘D’ puppies altogether. Thank you, Gale and Bert, for your care and love of these adorable babies. Amanda and Cory escorted our sweet pup off the island to Pennsylvania, along with a Sgt. Pepper’s Friends puppy. They delivered the pups to Pennsylvania where Denisa now Shiri currently lives Fany and her family. Amanda said everything went fine transporting Denisa. Thank you, Amanda and Cory, for your willingness to transport this precious girl. Fany met Amanda and Cory at the airport herself to receive her newest family member while her husband remained home with their three children. They were all so happy to meet Denisa now Shiri, that they were crying. Fany has shared that Shiri is doing well with the family, and they love her. She added that they are adapting to Shiri’s tempo of living. Her housetraining is progressing, and she loves to be outside when it is not so windy. Thank you, Fany, for adding Shiri formerly known as Denisa, to your family.
Happy life, Shiri!

Ruby (formerly known as Garcia)

Garcia traveled from Aruba to Massachusetts to eventually move in with her new forever mom, Kyle, and her family. Garcia is now Ruby, and has a doggie sibling named Misty. As Garcia, this sweet baby was fostered in Aruba first by Esther & Ron, and then by Juliette & her daughters. In the U.S., Christine & Mark took over fostering our cuddly little ARF-Aruba sweetheart. We extend our thanks to all these fosters for the great job they did getting Garcia now Ruby ready for her forever home. Fosters Christine & Mark actually transported Garcia now Ruby to the states themselves, along with her sister, Gira. We thank them for offering our ‘G’ litter puppies a ride. We are grateful to Kyle for choosing Ruby, formerly known as Garcia, to be the newest member of her family.
Happy life, Ruby!
Foxy A Puppy From ArubaBoy With Dog Adopted From Aruba

Bella (formerly known as Foxy)

Foxy is now Bella and lives in New Hampshire with her new forever family. As Foxy, she lived with her fabulous Aruba foster, Jasmin, along with several of her ‘F’ litter puppy siblings, of which there were 10 in total! Foxy moved in with foster Patti in New Hampshire when she left the island. We thank our amazing fosters for doing a wonderful job of caring for and loving this beautiful girl as she waited for a new home. Foxy left the island with transporters Suzanne and Peter. We are grateful to them for giving our sweet girl a lift to the U.S. In fact, Suzanne and Peter are ARF-Aruba adopters themselves! We appreciate their dedication to our foundation. Brett and his son, Dexter, met Foxy now Bella at Patti’s. They decided that this very beautiful girl would fit right in with their family. Bella will be having many adventures since Brett loves to hike. She also has a new doggie sibling by the name of Lulu. Thank you Brett and Dexter, for choosing Foxy now Bella, and giving her a very special forever home. Happy life, Bella!
Puppy Living In MaineCharlie


Charlie is enjoying his new life with his new forever mom, Tori. As you can see he loves his Massachusetts lifestyle! Charlie enjoys his walks and loves to fetch. Tori states he’s the best!

Sky With FriendSkye

Trixie (Formerly known as Skye)

Skye has made it to Pennsylvania, and into the arms of her new forever mom, Tasha! Skye is now Trixie, and has begun the good life with her new family. This very charming little girl was fostered in Aruba by Esther, who nurtured her back to health from illness. As Skye, she was the sibling of Sammy and Skippy, who were all found together in San Nicolaas, then rescued by trapper Jacqueline. All three baby girls were in poor shape, and their survival was actually in question. We are grateful to Esther for all the love and care she gave to this very beautiful pup, and pulled her through. We also extend our thanks to foster Patti, who continued her care in New Hampshire, once she arrived in the states. Patti was responsible for Trixie’s adoption by Tasha and her family. We thank ARF Aruba volunteer Steve for transporting beautiful Skye now Trixie to the U.S. With gratitude, we say thank you to Tasha and her family for giving this sweet and happy girl her forever home. Happy life, Trixie!
Adopted Dog From ArubaDog From Aruba In Snow Jacket

Shyla (Formerly known as Cali)

Shyla, formerly known as Cali, loves her dog walks and runs, and is already at least 25 pounds, which is triple her size from when she first arrived at her forever home in Massachusetts with Abby, Kenny, and Corinna. Abby shared that Shyla is getting better on the leash but tends to lunge across her path in pursuit of windblown leaves! Shyla’s puppy training has begun, and she’s already doing well. Abby said she’s so proud of her. She added that Shyla was by far the youngest dog in the class and there was so much to take in, but she held it together amazingly well, and stayed focused on figuring out what was asked of her. Abby was touched by her trust in her to be her confident leader. As you can see, Shyla enjoys time with Corinna in the snow. She also enjoys cozying up with Kenny in the morning while he has his coffee. Abby is pretty sure that he’s her favorite person. We’re pleased to see Shyla, formerly known as Cali, loving her new life and her forever family. Happy life, Shyla!

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