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Success Stories

Our most inspiring stories come from you, our adopters. Do you have a story you would like to share about your pet adopted from ARF-Aruba? We would love to share your story on our website! Please email info and pics to [email protected] We look forward to sharing your paw-some stories with our supporters and hope to inspire others to adopt a rescue animal! For more success stories please check out our Facebook page!

MilesDog In Comfy Bed

Miles (formerly known as Dude)

Little Dude is now Miles and is having a blast with Darlene and her family in Massachusetts. Dude was one of the ‘D’ litter pups fostered by Juliette and her children in Aruba. We extend our thanks to to them for doing such a great job of fostering this precious little boy. Lisa and John transported this sweetheart to Boston. Lisa stated that she was beyond ecstatic giving him a lift to the U.S. She added that the love and happiness she saw when they passed Miles over to his new family was emotional. We are grateful to Lisa and John for their willingness to transport, and know that they will do it again because it was such a positive experience. Darlene says she was crying like a baby at the airport when she first met her baby. She added that her family is loving Miles to pieces, and their little sweetheart is absolutely amazing. He is adjusting to his new home, and has adjusted to a great routine, as well. He sleeps in his crate at night and has a good potty schedule. Miles loves it outside. He has brought so much joy into the lives of his new family. We are thankful to Darlene and her family for choosing Miles formerly known as Dude, to be their very own.
Happy life, Miles!
D Mac Dog From ArubaKids With Their Dog From Aruba

Hamilton (formerly known as D-Mac)

Sweet ‘D’ puppy D-Mac is now Hamilton and lives a charmed life with his new family in Massachusetts. As D-Mac, he was fostered by Juliette and her children in Aruba who loved him immensely. Juliette’s girls played with him, snuggled him, and gave him all the attention he could handle. We thank our foster family for their excellent work getting D-Mac ready to become Hamilton as he moved in with his new forever family. Transporters Laureen and Steve gave our little boy a ride to the U.S. to meet Susan and the rest of the family. We offer our thanks to Laureen and Steve for giving D-Mac a lift from Aruba to the states. Forever mom Susan says they are in love with Hamilton. They are fans of Hamilton the musical, and she added that Alexander Hamilton also came from an island in the Caribbean like their pup. Hamilton has been good about house training, and he’s getting used to his crate. He has 2 human siblings and 1 canine sibling named Russ that is also a rescue. Hamilton enjoys his walks with Russ, and the kids love having another dog in the house. Thank you, Susan and family, for choosing D-Mac now Hamilton to bring new light into your home.
Happy life, Hamilton!
Maisue From ArubaAruban Canucu Dog

Maisie (formerly known as Cara)

Pupdate! Chris and Anne are thoroughly enjoying their ARF-Aruba pup, Maisie, formerly known as Cara from the ‘C’ litter of five pups. As Cara, this sweetheart of a little girl was fostered in Aruba by Gale and Bert along with two of her sisters, Cali and Cleo. Maisie now lives in Massachusetts. Chris said that as he looks back at her earlier pictures, she has grown so much! Chris added that Maisie has settled in nicely. As the weather improves, Maisie will have a playdate with her brother, Cody, now Murphy. Both pups are really cute with so many similarities between the two. They are almost identical. We are pleased to know that Chris and Anne have made Maisie a valuable member of the family. Happy life, Maisie!
Denisa Puppy From ArubaAruba Puppy At New Home

Shiri (formerly known as Denisa)

It’s another ‘D’ puppy, Denisa now Shiri! Denisa was fostered in Aruba by Gale and Bert, along with two of her siblings, Daisy and Davey. There were actually nine ‘D’ puppies altogether. Thank you, Gale and Bert, for your care and love of these adorable babies. Amanda and Cory escorted our sweet pup off the island to Pennsylvania, along with a Sgt. Pepper’s Friends puppy. They delivered the pups to Pennsylvania where Denisa now Shiri currently lives Fany and her family. Amanda said everything went fine transporting Denisa. Thank you, Amanda and Cory, for your willingness to transport this precious girl. Fany met Amanda and Cory at the airport herself to receive her newest family member while her husband remained home with their three children. They were all so happy to meet Denisa now Shiri, that they were crying. Fany has shared that Shiri is doing well with the family, and they love her. She added that they are adapting to Shiri’s tempo of living. Her housetraining is progressing, and she loves to be outside when it is not so windy. Thank you, Fany, for adding Shiri formerly known as Denisa, to your family.
Happy life, Shiri!

Ruby (formerly known as Garcia)

Garcia traveled from Aruba to Massachusetts to eventually move in with her new forever mom, Kyle, and her family. Garcia is now Ruby, and has a doggie sibling named Misty. As Garcia, this sweet baby was fostered in Aruba first by Esther & Ron, and then by Juliette & her daughters. In the U.S., Christine & Mark took over fostering our cuddly little ARF-Aruba sweetheart. We extend our thanks to all these fosters for the great job they did getting Garcia now Ruby ready for her forever home. Fosters Christine & Mark actually transported Garcia now Ruby to the states themselves, along with her sister, Gira. We thank them for offering our ‘G’ litter puppies a ride. We are grateful to Kyle for choosing Ruby, formerly known as Garcia, to be the newest member of her family.
Happy life, Ruby!
Foxy A Puppy From ArubaBoy With Dog Adopted From Aruba

Bella (formerly known as Foxy)

Foxy is now Bella and lives in New Hampshire with her new forever family. As Foxy, she lived with her fabulous Aruba foster, Jasmin, along with several of her ‘F’ litter puppy siblings, of which there were 10 in total! Foxy moved in with foster Patti in New Hampshire when she left the island. We thank our amazing fosters for doing a wonderful job of caring for and loving this beautiful girl as she waited for a new home. Foxy left the island with transporters Suzanne and Peter. We are grateful to them for giving our sweet girl a lift to the U.S. In fact, Suzanne and Peter are ARF-Aruba adopters themselves! We appreciate their dedication to our foundation. Brett and his son, Dexter, met Foxy now Bella at Patti’s. They decided that this very beautiful girl would fit right in with their family. Bella will be having many adventures since Brett loves to hike. She also has a new doggie sibling by the name of Lulu. Thank you Brett and Dexter, for choosing Foxy now Bella, and giving her a very special forever home. Happy life, Bella!
Puppy Living In MaineCharlie


Charlie is enjoying his new life with his new forever mom, Tori. As you can see he loves his Massachusetts lifestyle! Charlie enjoys his walks and loves to fetch. Tori states he’s the best!

Sky With FriendSkye

Trixie (Formerly known as Skye)

Skye has made it to Pennsylvania, and into the arms of her new forever mom, Tasha! Skye is now Trixie, and has begun the good life with her new family. This very charming little girl was fostered in Aruba by Esther, who nurtured her back to health from illness. As Skye, she was the sibling of Sammy and Skippy, who were all found together in San Nicolaas, then rescued by trapper Jacqueline. All three baby girls were in poor shape, and their survival was actually in question. We are grateful to Esther for all the love and care she gave to this very beautiful pup, and pulled her through. We also extend our thanks to foster Patti, who continued her care in New Hampshire, once she arrived in the states. Patti was responsible for Trixie’s adoption by Tasha and her family. We thank ARF Aruba volunteer Steve for transporting beautiful Skye now Trixie to the U.S. With gratitude, we say thank you to Tasha and her family for giving this sweet and happy girl her forever home. Happy life, Trixie!
Adopted Dog From ArubaDog From Aruba In Snow Jacket

Shyla (Formerly known as Cali)

Shyla, formerly known as Cali, loves her dog walks and runs, and is already at least 25 pounds, which is triple her size from when she first arrived at her forever home in Massachusetts with Abby, Kenny, and Corinna. Abby shared that Shyla is getting better on the leash but tends to lunge across her path in pursuit of windblown leaves! Shyla’s puppy training has begun, and she’s already doing well. Abby said she’s so proud of her. She added that Shyla was by far the youngest dog in the class and there was so much to take in, but she held it together amazingly well, and stayed focused on figuring out what was asked of her. Abby was touched by her trust in her to be her confident leader. As you can see, Shyla enjoys time with Corinna in the snow. She also enjoys cozying up with Kenny in the morning while he has his coffee. Abby is pretty sure that he’s her favorite person. We’re pleased to see Shyla, formerly known as Cali, loving her new life and her forever family. Happy life, Shyla!

This is a small selection of our success stories. For even more happy tails please check out our Facebook page!

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