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How You Can Help in Aruba

Thank you so much for your interest in wanting to get involved.  If you don’t see something that is a good fit for you and have another idea, please email us at We love to hear new ideas!

Our biggest limiting factor in helping more animals is always fundraising – having the money to provide what animals need. We are also always in need of  volunteer fosters to provide a safe shelter for the animals.  If you can make a donation please visit our DONATE page to contribute.  If you have a fundraising idea, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Foster Care

ARF-Aruba is always looking to expand our network of dedicated fosters, foster families are such a huge part of helping a street animal transition to life with a home. We especially need fosters in Aruba and in some instances in the US. There is no financial obligation to any ARF fosters.

As a foster we ask that you:

  • Provide a loving and disciplined home.
  • Bring the animal to their necessary veterinary appointments that can be scheduled at your convenience.
  • Keep ARF up to date on the progress of the animal including any concerns or behavioral issues you observe. We especially like to hear the good stuff!
  • Initiate the training for housebreaking, walking on a leash and basic commands.
  • Commit to keeping the animal until a forever home is secured.

ARF’s commitment to you in this process is that we will:

  • Pay for every penny of any expense the animal incurs.
  • As each situation requires we provide food, toys, crates, pee pads, an exercise pen, medications, etc to create the best environment for the animal.
  • Actively pursue a forever family for the animal.
  • Stay in regular communication with you regarding the animal.
  • Be forever thankful for your time, energy and love.

If you hold a special place in your heart for these animals in need and would like to foster an animal, please complete the Foster Volunteer Application.

women fostering puppies
cat in aruba
adorable puppy in aruba


Many of our adopters as well as foster homes are in the US. An animal cannot fly on a commercial airline alone, they need to be accompanied by a person.  The responsibility of a volunteer transporter is simply to be that person accompanying the animal to the US to their forever home or foster family. There is no financial cost to volunteer ARF-Aruba transporters.

As a transporter, we ask that you:

  • Arrive at the airport at the predetermined time to allow ample time for the check-in, immigration, and customs process at the Aruba airport.
  • Comply with all airline regulations as they are presented to you.

ARF’s commitment to you in this process is that we will:

  • Pay for all expenses relating to the transport of the animal.
  • Be at the airport with the animal at the predetermined time.
  • Ensure the animal has all necessary vaccinations, health certificates and is clean and ready for travel.
  • Provide an airline-approved carrier and all other accessories necessary for travel.
  • Assist you through the check-in process as needed.

A few points to know:

  • Puppies, kittens, and cats under 20 pounds (including the weight of the carrier) travel in cabin with you as a carry-on.
  • American Airlines is the only airline that will transport adult dogs off of Aruba at this time.
  • For adult dog transport, the airline requires that the ground temperature is below 85 degrees both before takeoff and upon landing. This will be verified by the airline during the check-in process.

If you can be a transporter please complete the Volunteer Transporter Application.

team transporting animals from aruba
two dogs in carrier
woman at airport with dog

Dog Walking

A walk on the beach in the hotel area with an Adopt Me vest on is a great way to help train, socialize and exercise one of our dogs as well as provide immediate exposure to people who may not realize they are ready to adopt.

joejoe in adopt me vest
two women with puppy


Depending on the timing of your visit you may be able to help with an event we have planned.

Please email us at with the subject line VOLUNTEER if you’re heading our way and want to help out in either of these ways.


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