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Donation To Arf Aruba Dog Rescue And Adoption

Thank You to Kamrin for Your Generous Donation

“Gratitude is like love or fresh air – you can’t get too much of it.”

Animal Relief Foundation Aruba extends a hearty thank you to Kamrin, Genine’s 13-year-old daughter who has a heart of gold when it comes to animals. She made puppy toys to be donated to our foundation. Her mom, Genine, says that Kamrin is a million times more obsessed with helping animals than she is, and wonders if she may have created a monster, but the good kind! Kamrin goes into the 8th grade this coming school year, and we are so grateful for her love of all animals.

ARF-Aruba always welcomes donations that benefit the puppies and kitties that we are able to help. Animal Relief Foundation Aruba is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit in the U.S., and is registered with the Chamber in Aruba. ARF-Aruba helps homeless, hungry, and neglected animals on the island.


donation to arf aruba dog rescue and adoption


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